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    Bottega Veneta Palazzo is opening next month: A new creative hub in Italy

    Kacey Michault

    Designed for the House's most loyal customers, a visit here will be a cultural experience

    Luxury brands are increasingly coming up with creative ways to captivate their most important customers. Bottega Veneta is leading the charge with a unique approach, by transforming a 15th-century gothic palace in Venice's Cannaregio district into an exclusive haven. This move blends cultural advocacy with the brand’s storied heritage, creating a unique experience for its most valued patrons.

    At the Financial Times Business of Luxury Summit, Bottega Veneta CEO Leo Rongone emphasised the values of the brand's commitment to the community. "Bottega Veneta, unlike many other brands, is not linked to a single founder. It was born of the passion of a collective of people," he said. Adding, "This spirit of community is reflected in Palazzo Bottega Veneta, which offers a physical space that embodies the brand’s values and history."

    A historic courtyard with stone walls, lush greenery, and classic architecture.
    The Palazzo Bottega Veneta in Cannaregio. Image: Bottega Veneta

    Set to open in June, this palazzo, crafted from Byzantine palace materials, promises an immersive experience into the Bottega world. Creative director Matthieu Blazy curated the interior design, which features bespoke furnishings and artworks.

    The venue will host a variety of cultural activities, illustrating the degree to which Bottega Veneta supports the arts. The palazzo will also feature a specially curated itinerary aligned with Venice’s cultural calendar, giving guests insider access to key events. The Bottega for Bottegas initiative will bring selected artisanal producers from Italy and beyond to the palazzo, offering them a platform to showcase their creations. Emerging gallerists and artists will also be featured, allowing them to engage with potential clients. 

    Guests can also enjoy appointment-only services, including dressing consultations, red carpet services, and made-to-order pieces. They will also get a sneak peek at the brand’s first fine jewellery collection, launching in November, and its debut perfume, set for an October release under Kering’s new beauty division.

    A stylish and cozy interior featuring modern, plush leather seating, wooden tables, and elegant decor set against large windows.
    The palazzo’s interiors curated by Matthieu Blazy. Image: Bottega Veneta

    Palazzo Bottega Veneta is just the beginning, with plans for more VIC residences in Asia and the Americas. This strategy aligns with moves by other luxury brands to offer bespoke experiences. Gucci, for instance, has introduced its Salon concept for VIP customers, while Balenciaga and Chanel have opened exclusive boutiques for their top clients.

    Under Rongone’s leadership, Bottega Veneta has successfully attracted a younger demographic, defying trends seen at other Kering brands. “We have always celebrated individual expression as a no-logo brand,” Rongone noted.  With its focus on exclusive design, exceptional craftsmanship, and community spirit, Bottega Veneta continues to stand out in the luxury market.

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