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    Celine launches its new perfume Zouzou — inspired by the 1960s

    Mahak Saxena

    And in true Slimane fashion, the video is a creative masterpiece

    Celine has just unveiled its latest olfactory creation, Zouzou which pays homage to youthfulness while etching a new era of retro chic.

    The new scent joins the House's Haute Parfumerie line which was conceived by Hedi Slimane back in 2019. It becomes part of the 12 distinct scents, each crafted to embody different moods.

    Drawing inspiration from the vibrant 1960s, in the perfume video, Slimane's creative vision evokes the essence of innocence, vitality with a hint of mischief. With a distinct '60s feel, the perfume is named after a term of endearment at the time. 60 years ago, the nickname 'Zouzou', was often given to young girls with cropped locks who embodied a youthful vivacity.

    ZouZou by Celine
    Esther-Rose McGregor for Celine

    Zouzou, much like its namesake, is a fragrant ode to carefree joie de vivre, weaving together a symphony of notes that dance upon the senses. Rich amber and musk form the core, accented by a sweet hint of caramel, while an interplay of benzoin and tonka bean infuses neo-classical elegance. Subtle undertones of patchouli and labdanum evoke a sense of refined femininity, intertwining with the signature Celine touch of vanilla and musk, imparting a playful Parisian flair.

    This aesthetic is visually embodied in the sleek, rectangular design of the perfume bottle, showcasing the pinnacle of French glassmaking. A luxurious aura emanates from the substantial weight of the glass, complemented by a refined black lacquer cap. The iconic emblem of the Maison, the 'Triomphe,' is engraved on the cap, serving as a loving tribute to founder Céline Vipiana.

    In the promotional Zouzou video, Slimane captures adolescence through a utopian lens, conjuring up a feeling of undying youth. Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as French literary icon Françoise Sagan, avant-garde filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard, and using the sounds of The Kingsman, the creative director celebrates his new fragrance and the indomitable spirit of the Celine woman.

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