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    Detox hotels to book for your next getaway

    Check in, to check out at these beautiful resorts

    It's no secret that life in Dubai moves quickly. As such, we all need a break from city life once in a while. But with so many options, where should you book for a detox retreat? 

    We've put together five of the best hotels around the world that promise total relaxation. 

    The Fife Arms, Scotland

    Discover the magic of the Grampian Highlands through the lavish windows of The Fife Arms. With rugged gorges, sunlit ridges, and fallow deer emerging at dusk, here you can check into a room with a view. A former 1856 hunting lodge by Alexander Marshall Mackenzie, was transformed into a five-star haven, blending Victorian-Tudor fantasy and British country elegance. Manuela and Iwan Wirth, connoisseurs of Durslade Farm in Somerset, helmed the revival, infusing each item with narrative. The estate is adorned with 16,000 antiques and artwork. Pieces by Picasso, Lucian Freud and a deer head by Queen Victoria adorn the walls here. With a lush house tartan, designed by Hauser & Wirth artists, enveloping each of the 46 rooms the hotel has a true Scottish manor feel. Inviting you to step into your imagination, Russell Sage sets the scene for meetings between bonnie Prince Charles and Lord Byron or imagined tea gatherings between Picasso and Queen Victoria. This property is a total work of art, inviting you to immerse yourself in tales of a Scotland gone by.

    AMAN, Tokyo

    Channelling Lost in Translation, the Aman Tokyo captures a moment of pure cinematic history, when Scarlett Johansson gazes at the Tokyo skyline from her hotel window. This scene becomes a reality at the Aman, where the last six floors of the Otemachi Tower have been meticulously curated to frame the urban panorama. The rooms, which are designed like traditional Japanese Shojis, boast floor-to-ceiling windows in order to showcase the cityscape. Custom-made wooden furniture, blonde wood, silky planed surfaces, black granite in bathrooms and intricate details like Kanji on the walls create an atmosphere of refined Japanese simplicity.

    In a city known for compact living spaces, the Aman offers a taste of breathtaking luxury. The largest suite, which spans 157 square metres, even overlooks the treetops of Otemachi Forest. At Aman Tokyo, you’ll be immersed in culture with a hint of Sofia Coppola’s cinema magic.

    Regina Experimental, Biarritz

    Nestled between Anglet and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the Grand Hotel Regina graces the cliffs with striking rounded balconies resembling opulent theatre boxes. The creamy white Belle Époque palace, reminiscent of Biarritz's international society, once hosted Coco Chanel.

    In terms of decor, the Parisian designer Dorothée Meilichzon has meticulously blended Fin de Siècle glamour with Neo-Basque elements. Blown gables and rounded geometries from the Gomez brothers’ architecture adorn bespoke bedheads, sofas, and chairs. Lacquer colours, inspired by the Atlantic, weave blue, ocean green, mint and black-and-white contrasts against Basque red, light blue and plaster white.

    A stay here is an immersive experience, it is one that blurs the consciousness of time and space, leaving guests engulfed in the eternal roar of the sea at the Regina. Revel in its luxury.

    DÁ LiÇencA, Alentejo

    Victor Borges described Alentejo as a land straight from childhood fairy tales. And you can experience it for yourself if you book a stay at Dá Licença hotel. Nestled between marble rocks and 13,000 olive trees, the old farmhouse beckons with sweeping views to Estremoz and vineyards.

    Once the location of choice for Hermès designer Victor Borges and Parisian Art Nouveau gallery owner Franck Laigneau, the olive oil mill became their muse. Transformed into the Dá Licença hotel by Procale architects and local craftsmen, the small property has nine suites, each with their own private pool and patio. 

    Beyond the exterior’s cool granite tiles, the interiors surprise with Laigneau’s art collection, spanning Scandinavian Art Nouveau and Viennese Secession, gracing the walls. Become encapsulated in a land of faraway dreams at Dá Licença. Immerse yourself in the pared back elegance.

    Hôtel CrilLon le Brave, Provence

    In 1336, Petrarch claimed to be the first person since antiquity to climb a mountain merely for the view. This mountain was Mont Ventoux. Today, the summit unveils a breathtaking panorama, stretching from the Mediterranean, to the Alps, and the Pyrenees.

    At the South foot of the mount, lies the Hôtel Crillon le Brave which was designed by Parisian luminary Charles Zana. A five-star haven northeast of Carpentras, the mansion echoes the Provence’s grandeur. Discreet yet imposing, it boasts thick walls, masonry fireplaces, and antique furnishings. Zana’s artful touch combines ceramics, hand-forged pieces, Louis XVI chairs and Fin de Siècle bureaus, creating a harmonious blend.

    With sights of Mont Ventoux greeting those who stay from the terrace, check in here for luxury amidst natural beauty and experience the best of both.

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