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    Meet Dubai’s super role models: Nat Morcos, Layla Kardan, Mary Cristine & Tracy Harmoush

    Sophia Dyer

    For one unforgettable shoot, we brought together four dynamic women who decided to carve out their future in Dubai

    What happens when you put a group of some of Dubai’s most influential female expats in the same room? This is the question we asked ourselves when we decided to bring together four of the city’s most successful women to celebrate our launch issue. As they arrived on set, it became clear that any time you assemble talented, innovative, and confident women in one place, the result is always going to end up being a whole lot of magic... 

    Each of these women has forged a trailblazing career for herself. Though on paper, their success comes in very different forms. Tracy Harmoush is an investment banker turned speaker and entrepreneur. Nat Morcos is a serial creative with multiple businesses under her belt, including Goshá Group and the newly opened Skooni residence. Mary Cristine, who grew up in Dubai, is a leading voice in the fields of holistic wellness and gut health in the region. And Layla Kardan is an all-singing, all-dancing performer turned business mogul. 

    Energetic, generous, fun, driven and, above all, passionate, they are the very definition of the MADAME Arabia woman.

    All smiles on set: (Left to right) Nat Morcos in Valentino, Layla Kardan in Elisabetta Franchi, Mary Cristine in Onori and Tracy Harmoush in Kristina Fidelskaya. All jewellery courtesy of Bulgari

    Layla Kardan: The performer 

    Song bird: Kardan is wearing a dramatic skirt, bejewelled blazer and corset by Elisabetta Franchi. Shoes are her own. Earrings, B.zero1 earrings; ring, B.zero1 ring, all by Bulgari

    Mary Cristine: The healer

    Healthy glow: Mary Cristine wears a collared mini-dress by Onori and sparkly heels by Rene Caovilla. Earrings, B.zero1 earrings; bracelet, B.zero1 bangle; ring (right hand), B.zero1 four-band ring, (left hand), B.zero1 three-band ring, all by Bulgari

    Tracy Harmoush: The motivator

    Tracy Harmoush
    Standing strong: Tracy Harmoush is wearing a crisp trouser and corset set by Kristina Fidelskaya. Her blazer and shoes are both from Elisabetta Franchi. Earring, BVLGARI BVLGARI single stud; necklace, BVLGARI BVLGARI necklace; bracelet, BVLGARI BVLGARI bracelet; watch, BVLGARI BVLGARI watch with stainless-steel case; ring, BVLGARI BVLGARI ring, all by Bulgari

    Nat Morcos: The creative

    In full bloom: Nat Morcos poses with a flower, wearing a cutout floral motif top and straight skirt by Valentino. Necklace, B.zero1 necklace; rings, B.zero1 Essential ring and B.zero1 three-band ring, all by Bulgari

    Photography: Esra Sam 
    Stylist: Vasil Bozhilov 
    Set design: Yehia Bedier
    Hair: Maggie Semann
    Make-up: Jean Kairouz

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