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    IMPØSSIBLE: Is this the ultimate dinner and show experience in Abu Dhabi?

    Jessica Michault

    The DMC Magic Show and Broadway Dining experience at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi is the perfect night out for families, friends or first dates

    Let’s be honest, Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental is a pretty formidable edifice. It's massive and vast, and if you didn’t go there with a set destination in mind, you can easily be waylaid by the enormity of it all. But don’t be daunted by this prestigious location, because deep in its depths awaits a wonderful venue designed to surprise and delight. 

    Both Abu Dhabi locals and international guests should make the most of the few weeks that are left to book a seat to see the world-famous magician Drummond Money-Coutts (DMC for short) in action with his 'IMPØSSIBLE’ show. On until the end of May, the dapper British mentalist presents a captivating lineup of card tricks, slights of hands, mind reading and magic twists that not only keep guests guessing, but they are also active participants in the fun. 

    Magician Drummond Money-Coutts (DMC). Image: Supplied

    DMC, who is coming off his hit Netflix series with the catnip title of Death by Magic, presents his show inside an intimate theatre with tiered seating so that everyone can get a good look at his hands throughout the show – not that you have any chance at figuring out how he does it, no matter how hard you watch his ever gesture. Even better, right from the start the whole audience is asked to join in. From getting to sit at the table right next to DMC as he has you pick a card to finding a deck of cards at your seat in the top row that you are then asked to manipulate as part of the act, the show creates an instant sense of community. Everyone might not be in on the trick, but they are all game to participate in the fun. This makes the show an ideal treat for families with tween-aged children, who DMC deftly keeps entertained, while still being sophisticated enough for the adults to stay engrossed in the performance. 

    Another thoughtful touch is how DMC incorporates regional touches into his set. A trick with a bag full of pearls, in a nod to the history of pearl diving in the UAE, sees him using his mind-reading and mental acuity to discern, through a series of questions, which audience member is holding the rare black pearl. Another clever trick has the audience ripping up cards in a group effort to discover their destiny. All in all the experience is charming, clever, and makes for a fun night out that you will find yourself discussing long after the show is over. 

    The theatre at Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental

    And while the fates decide if DMC’s predictions of guests' destinies pan out. One thing is certain, the dinner after the show at Broadway is just as memorable. Only steps away from the entrance to the DMC theatre, the Broadway restaurant looks exactly like what the name suggests, it has a bright multi-light bulb sign illuminating the wall spelling out the word Broadway, the red brick walls are covered in artwork depicting iconic Broadway shows like Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera and there an air of steampunk 1920s rebellion in the exposed steel and graphic stain glass walls. 

    Broadway restaurant. Image: Supplied

    After sliding into a red leather booth guests can enjoy the musical stylings of a skilled DJ spinning vintage vinyl LPs as they order up some very tasty comfort food. Crafted by chef George Lyon, who spent eight years honing his skills under the watchful eye of Gordon Ramsay, the dishes are of a standard that far exceeds expectations when looking at the location’s inviting brasserie-like surroundings. There are lots of great items designed to be shared, like truffle and parmesan tater tots and Broadway sliders. But not to be missed is the French onion soup starter that comes served in a carved-out loaf of sourdough bread and dripping with melted Gruyère cheese. And for a main course, guests can’t go wrong with a perfectly tender dover sole, prepared at the table with not one fishbone left in the wake of the skilled server. 

    Desserts at Broadway. Image: Supplied

    By the time dessert is served a live band – playing one song after another that guests will have to bite their tongues not to sing along with – has got everyone in the restaurant in a festive mood. While they tap their toes to the beat, scoop up another bite of sticky toffee pudding or raspberry cheesecake into their mouths, and continue to dissect every trick DMC played on them earlier in the night, the only really ‘IMPØSSIBLE’ thing about this dinner and a show package, is to imagine that it will soon no longer be around to enjoy. The only silver lining – Broadway will still be ready and waiting for those looking for a relaxing night out that is well worth hunting out.

    DMC Shows are currently running every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening at 7.30pm. Click here for further details.

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