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    Julia Roberts enters the world of jewellery design with Chopard

    Each of the pieces have been crafted from a rare 6,225-carat emerald

    Hollywood star, Julia Roberts is now not only the face of Chopard, but also one of its co-designers. Pictured at a pre-Oscars party wearing Chopard, Roberts actually helped the Swiss house design the ornate necklace as part of the Chopard X Julia Roberts collection.

    The capsule, which comprises of a necklace, pair of earrings and ring, was inspired by the 6,225-carat rough Insofu Emerald that Chopard discovered. Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of the Maison enlisted the help of Julia Roberts to create the three pieces of jewellery from the huge emerald.

    Composed solely from the initial stones cut from the emerald, this collection offers a glimpse into the Maison's forthcoming Insofu High Jewelry collection, slated for release later this year.

    The green emerald was paired with Julia's favourite sky-blue turquoise and cherry-red rubellites, and set with contemporary goldsmithing.

    Discovered in its unadulterated state within a Zambian mine some years ago, the emerald's shifting green tones and innate texture captured Caroline's discerning eye. Recognising its potential, she procured the stone and embarked on a quest to find a partner capable of appreciating its raw magnificence.

    The ring, cradles the emerald amidst a flourish of stones, to replicate the petals of a flower. Meanwhile, the droplet-shaped earrings cascade with colourful gems, reminiscent of a chandelier's graceful sway. The necklace features dangling tassels fashioned in a similar manner, adding the finishing touch to the ensemble.

    This collaboration underscores Chopard's ethos of sustainability, innovation and creativity. It represents a remarkable feat of craftsmanship, transforming a nascent, uncut material into a masterpiece of artistry.

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