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    Louis Vuitton collaborates with artist Sun Yitian

    Kacey Michault

    The French fashion house and the up-and-coming creative have designed a playful collection for Pre-Fall 2024

    In a delightful mix of pop culture and cutting-edge refinement, Louis Vuitton's Pre-Fall 2024 womenswear collection was unveiled at the Long Museum West Bund in Shanghai. This season, Nicolas Ghesquière partnered with rising Chinese contemporary artist Sun Yitian, whose vibrant prints of animal-shaped balloons breathe fresh life into the iconic fashion house’s creations. The result is a dynamic blend of playful artistry and refined sophistication that redefines high fashion. 

    Louis Vuitton X Sun Yitian. Image: Supplied

    Unveiled during Louis Vuitton’s inaugural Voyager Show on April 18, while set against the minimalist backdrop of the Long Museum West Bund, the collection came to life, showcasing a spectacular array of garments and accessories that seamlessly blend Ghesquière’s visionary design with Yitian’s creative exuberance. Yitian's distinctive touch, featuring characters like a pink rabbit and a yellow duck, infuses the collection with a sense of joy and youthful energy, making each piece a standout work of art. Harmoniously blending high fashion with contemporary art, creating a visually stunning collection and a new chapter in the brand's storied history. 

    The collection features an enchanting array of toy-like animals, including a pink rabbit, yellow duck, spotted dog, leopard, zebra, penguin, and swan. These charming characters interact with the collection's pieces, infusing them with playful vibrancy and spirited charm. "Translating my artworks into clothing, bags, or perfumes brings them closer to people, creating a lively and unpredictable interaction," says Yitian. 

    Louis Vuitton X Sun Yitian. Image: Supplied

    Yitian, born in Zhejiang in 1991 and now based in Beijing, whose work has graced galleries worldwide, including Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Her art bridges the gap between “Made in China” mass production and artistic value, transforming everyday objects into striking works of art. This collaboration with Louis Vuitton marks her first venture into luxury fashion, seamlessly integrating her imaginative designs with the brand’s renowned craftsmanship. 

    Standout pieces in the collection include signature bags reimagined with the Animogram canvas. The Alma in Epi calfskin features a zebra, while the On The Go tote showcases a playful duck and its shadow. Intricately designed animal coin purses, such as a rabbit paired with a Noé in glossy white Monogram leather, add a whimsical touch. The new Mini Square Trunk, available in both smooth calfskin and grained leather, further exemplifies the collection’s innovative spirit. 

    Louis Vuitton X Sun Yitian. Image: Supplied

    Yitian's influence extends to footwear and accessories, with her playful menagerie appearing on Monogram nylon mules, leather patches on sneakers, and charming bag charms. The collaboration also inspired three limited editions of Louis Vuitton’s iconic perfumes — Spell on You, Imagination, and Heures d’Absence — each adorned with unique animal charms and presented in specially designed packaging. 

    Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall 2024 collection, enriched by Yitian’s artistic vision, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to creativity and innovation. This captivating collection redefines luxury fashion, blending artistry with high-end craftsmanship to create pieces that are both delightful and stylish. For fashion enthusiasts, this remarkable collection is a must-see, offering a captivating exploration of art and design in the world of haute couture.

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