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    Wellness practitioner Mary Cristine talks holistic health and finding her calling

    Sophia Dyer

    The healer

     A visit to Mary Cristine’s gut-health-centric website reveals testimonials from hundreds of men and women attributing their improved health and weight loss to her. A certified nutritionist, she has established herself as one of the leaders in gut health in the region. 

    Reaching millions through Instagram alone, the 43-year-old mother of one has made it her mission to help others become the best versions of themselves through holistic health practices. 

     “I think my strength lies in the fact that I’ve had such a powerful journey of my own. From becoming a young parent to finding ways to navigate grief and creating a successful business and brand, it’s the resilience that resonates,” she says.

    Cristine grew up in Dubai, the daughter of an English father and Filipino-Spanish mother. Becoming a single mum at the age of 22, she struggled with an eating disorder and anxiety. Cristine then lost her father to cancer while studying and caring for her young son, who too then fell sick. “My dad died quickly after the diagnosis, and then my son developed gut-related issues and a neurological dysfunction. My son had motor tics and the doctors were prescribing him Prozac, but, after what happened with my dad, I’d lost my belief in conventional medicine. So, I did a lot of research, and after three years, I found a vitamin component that helped him heal,” shares Cristine.

    Healthy glow: Mary Cristine wears a collared mini-dress by Onori and sparkly heels by Rene Caovilla. Earrings, B.zero1 earrings; bracelet, B.zero1 bangle; ring (right hand), B.zero1 four-band ring, (left hand), B.zero1 three-band ring, all by Bulgari

    Finding a passion for holistic wellness (and healing from her eating disorder) the single mum then took a course to become a certified nutritionist specialising in gut health. 

    At the same time, she was working in a law firm, focusing on employee mental health and staff retention. “I wanted to make drastic changes, but there was always resistance and, at some point, I just felt my mission was being confined. I wanted to create an impact and I couldn’t do it there,” she confides.

     Quitting her corporate job to follow her passion, Cristine launched Be That Life in 2018. “It was a hard decision to leave, but I was ready to start something on my own,” she explains. 

    Running an online wellness portal with a one-to-one coaching service and podcast, the businesswoman claims to “have impacted millions of lives'' through her website and social media platforms. Beyond weight loss, Cristine’s message is one of longevity. “I want to educate people on biohacking their health so they can live to 100,” she explains. The holistic expert does this by guiding customers through low-inflammation diet choices (she recommends blueberries, turmeric and spirulina), stress-management practices and breathwork. Expanding her business, Cristine has just launched a supplement range under Be That Life, aimed at promoting DNA repair.

    “When I speak to people, I think my story inspires them to not only want to work with me, but to make the same changes I have in their lives,” the businesswoman says with a smile. A self-made success story, Cristine is proof that drive, determination and a career calling will always be a recipe for success.


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