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    Piaget releases dazzling High Jewellery collection to celebrate its 150th anniversary

    Nicole Benhar

    Inspired by the brand's archives, the 96 pieces are crafted in honour of its legacy

    Piaget is celebrating 150 years by releasing a line of High Jewellery and watches. By paying tribute to their incomparable mastered use of gold and colour, Maison Piaget reinvents themselves through 96 pieces, where the pliability of cuff bracelets and necklaces, as well as the shine of their gemstones are enhanced by expert craftsmanship.

    To put together the collection, Piaget took inspiration from their early works in the 1960s, when their jewellery watches made an impression with an avant-garde look. The pieces are made from precious metal that adorns a fabric-like feel and then paired with colourful decorative stones to create organic cuffs and unchained long necklaces.

    “It wasn’t about identically reproducing heritage pieces, but rather taking inspiration from them. Revisiting those values of boldness, originality and elegance that characterise this Maison’s soul at the dawn of modernity,” explained Stéphanie Sivrière, Piaget's jewellery and watch artistic director.

    A fine knit of metal. Image: Supplied
    Adding the jewels. Image: Supplied

    With a richness rarely achieved in terms of design, in the diversity of gemstones and range of designs, this 150th anniversary collection unveils its jewels in each of three emblematic Piaget realms: “Extraleganza”, “Piaget Society”, and “When mastery ignites artistry”.

    Piaget High Jewellery’s 96 pieces were crafted in Geneva to fit into three Maison Piaget realms: Extraleganza, When Mastery Ignites Artistry, and Piaget Society. The Essence of Extraleganza sets apart both men and women who wear these pieces in a free-spirited manner, giving the jewellery and its elements their own spotlight.

    Cuff. Image: Supplied
    Earrings. Image: Supplied

    The first realm Extraleganza, is called so because it combines the words extravagance and elegance, showcasing the jewellers creative spirit with remarkable stones in gold and light. Under the combined impact of the Maison’s historical Piaget preference for the couture motif and its masterful craftsmanship.

    When Mastery Ignites Artistry, brings gold a whole new fluidity while incorporating exquisite textures, such as coiled gold, a common element in this realm. While in the Piaget Society realm, Maison’s bravery and unique take on jewellery is celebrated, as vibrantly coloured jewellery uses structure and design among jewels to create a representation for the fast-paced lives of those who wear it.

    Founded in 1874, Piaget embarked on a journey of crafting pieces for men and women that will last for generations to come.

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