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    With Love, Since 1837: See Tiffany & Co.’s newest photo campaign

    Which is a tribute to its most iconic collections

    Tiffany & Co. is shining a spotlight on its most celebrated collections through a series of conceptualised photographs. 

    Renowned photographer Dan Tobin Smith skillfully captured the images which pay tribute to the former Artistic Director Gene Moore, whose enchanting window displays graced the brand's legacy from 1955 to 1994.

    Titled "With Love, Since 1837," the campaign delves into the origins of iconic pieces such as the Lock bracelet, the Jean Schlumberger Sixteen Stone ring, and HardWear jewellery, among others. Each piece embodies elements from previous collections, reflecting different eras in the Maison’s rich history.

    Photo Credit: Dan Tobin Smith

    Though it may look like AI, Dan Tobin Smith and award-winning set designer Rachel Thomas echoed Gene's style by forgoing digital enhancements in favour of physical set designs. Thomas created an array of miniature and oversized models which were shot in London. Animated projections then created a dynamic backdrop, while subtle smoke effects evoked the illusion of clouds, reflecting Gene's whimsical aesthetic.

    Everyday objects were artfully juxtaposed with Tiffany's collections in hopes of capturing the emotion of love — which of course, can not be fully embodied through material. Drama unfolds through masterful manipulation of lighting and camera movements, seamlessly blending Gene's signature simplicity with Dan's penchant for elaborate sculptural productions.

    Photo Credit: Dan Tobin Smith

    Through this unique campaign, Tiffany & Co. reaffirms its commitment to preserving its rich artistic heritage while embracing fresh perspectives. In the photos, each jewellery piece becomes more than an accessory and motif for the brand's narrative of love and connection.

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