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    Inside Vacheron Constantin’s Suite 1755 at the Mandarin Oriental Jumeira

    Hailing from the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, Vacheron Constantin has boldly embraced the sun-drenched desert dunes of the UAE through the creation of Suite 1755. Strengthening its ties with the Middle East, the Swiss haute horlogerie house has crafted a unique space for its timepieces inside the iconic Mandarin Oriental Jumeira hotel. There, guests can immerse themselves in the exquisite craftsmanship of the marque’s watches while being surrounded by the vibrant culture of the Emirates. 

    Suite 1755 seamlessly transforms its private sanctuary into an expansive tableau where the work of the brand’s watchmaking craftsmen is surrounded by a rich tapestry of artwork by regional artists. It’s a subtle way to enhance the overall immersive shopping experience and celebrate the artistic heritage that both the brand and the country share. 

    The space, created by Dubai-based Saudi architect and interior designer Danah Almohaisin, beautifully demonstrates the company’s exquisite ability to transcend borders and communicate via a universal love language of artistry and craftsmanship. 

    Upon entering the suite, the eye is drawn to the understated flooring, adorned with light-hued wooden panels chosen to evoke the rugged beauty of sand dunes. This topography is then slowly transformed into a two-dimensional rug whose jagged edges resemble a masterpiece of desert terrain. A captivating waterfall facade, embodied in the form of soft light, seemingly disappears into these symbolic mounds of sand, inviting the imagination to wander through the whimsical beauty of the desert. Meanwhile, the wallpaper, crafted using Sadu and Khous weaving techniques, honours the graceful handicraft traditions that are a fundamental aspect of the region.

    In the main sitting area, a beige rug with a wave-like pattern, transitioning from hues of blue to dark brown, mirrors the captivating shores of the UAE coast as they gently crash into the sand and meld seamlessly with it. The wall, too, boasts a sand-like grainy texture, enhanced with subtle hints of gold foil that artfully mimic the dunes’ sun-kissed nature. Set against it are majestic white sofas reminiscent of the purity of the marble found in Islamic architecture, providing a sense of peace within the desert-like expanse. 

    The chairs here come adorned with masterful embroidery featuring traditional Talli designs, infusing the space with a perfect blend of luxury and history. Suspended from the ceiling is an art installation that floats like birds gracefully flapping their wings in the sky, adding a unique, ethereal touch to the already soothing environment. 

    Geometric artwork in the suite provides contrast to the fluidity of the sand-inspired design elements. Bespoke sculptures creatively reflect the UAE’s most iconic motifs, with date-palm tree-barks transformed into handy stools, and a similar design silhouette mimicking flamingos standing tall as side tables. Towering clay blocks reminiscent of Dubai’s historic Al Bastakiya district further enrich this cultural tapestry, while a modular console on the terrace, bathed in serene blue hues, reflects the breathtaking vistas of the Arabian Sea that the suite overlooks. 

    Amidst this neutral palette, Vacheron’s timepieces shine out with their striking features and breathtaking attention to detail. Unlike the art that is openly presented within the space, the watches are set on standalone displays – artworks in their own right. These masterpieces of horology thus dovetail perfectly with the regional oeuvre that surrounds them.

    After visiting Suite 1755, guests will discover that they carry with them not only the memory of an immersive experience, but also a deeper appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship that define Vacheron Constantin. The fusion of tradition and innovation, heritage and modernity, mirrors the brand’s commitment to excellence and its enduring legacy in the world of luxury, leaving an indelible mark on those privileged to have been invited to experience this oasis of elegance and culture.

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