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    Veronica Nemer talks setting up Hezzik Mezzik a convenience shop inside a campervan

    Souha Abbas

    In the bustling streets of Beirut, a uniquely decorated van stands out, not just for its vibrant colours...

    Veronica Nemer’s path to Hezzik Mezzik was sparked by a deep-seated desire for something new. “I wanted to make a change in my life because I was unhappy with it,” she shares. Feeling out of place in the conventional job market, Veronica realised that true change required action. This realisation led her back to Lebanon, where a simple encounter rekindled her childhood memories and inspired her to start her unique venture.

    Living between Romania and Lebanon, Veronica learned a valuable lesson: “No matter where you are, what matters is how you feel on the inside.” This philosophy is the heartbeat of Hezzik Mezzik, a mobile convenience store filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, among other things, that Veronica has brought to life inside a vibrant vintage van. Her approach is heart-led – always listening to her inner voice, a guiding principle that shapes her business.

    Veronica Nemer outside Hezzik Mezzik. Image: Supplied

    Every day, Veronica’s interactions with her customers are filled with expressions of joy and inspiration. “‘I’m inspired’, ‘I’m in love’, ‘I can’t stop smiling’; these are the words I hear almost every day,” she tells us with a smile. It’s this community feedback that underscores the impact of her work.

    The road to success was not smooth, however. She faced multiple challenges in the process of setting it up, like learning to drive a van and overcoming moments of feeling overwhelmed, but Veronica’s determination never wavered. “‘Keep going’ are words we hear all the time, but dedication, ambition, and belief in what I’m doing have helped me overcome all of my challenges,” she asserts.

    Veronica lives for the experiences each day brings. “I approach everyone and everything with love, as much as I am capable of,” she says. One of her aims is to introduce simplicity and authenticity amidst a world often caught up in conflict and greed.

    Her return to her village after a long absence was life-changing. The sight of the familiar vegetable seller from her childhood days was a moment of clarity. It inspired her to blend the traditional with the unique, leading to the inception of Hezzik Mezzik.

    Some of the goods for sale inside the van. Image: Supplied

    Reflecting on her earlier struggles for stability and happiness, Veronica realised the importance of inner fulfilment. “I couldn’t find stability or happiness, and now I realise that I’ve been looking outside of myself,” she explains. This precise epiphany marked a shift in her approach to life and work, focusing on what genuinely makes her happy.

    Veronica Nemer’s journey with Hezzik Mezzik is more than a business venture. It’s a story of personal transformation, community connection, and the pursuit of joy in simplicity. Her eye-catching van and the smiles it brings to the streets of Beirut are vivid reminders that sometimes, the most significant changes start within us. 

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