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    Meet Boucheron’s Quatre Family from across the Middle East

    Mahak Saxena

    The new ambassadors have been appointed to celebrate 20 years of iconic design in the region

    Boucheron's iconic Quatre collection turns 20 this year. The collection, known for its signature four bands in different gold tones and patterns, is a beloved symbol of the Maison. To celebrate this milestone, Boucheron has just introduced a year-long campaign featuring a new generation of voices: the "Quatre Family."

    This inspiring group of four women embodies the strength, diversity, and multifaceted spirit of the Middle East, mirroring the very essence of the Quatre collection itself. Just like the four bands in the Quatre design, each woman brings a unique element, yet they come together to create a harmonious and powerful whole.

    Boucheron's Quatre Family

    Amina Muaddi
    A celebrated Jordanian-Romanian shoe designer whose global influences and empowering message resonate with the collection's spirit of individuality.

    Dana Hourani
    A Lebanese pop artist who fearlessly blends Western and Middle Eastern sounds, echoing the bold mix of aesthetics within Quatre.

    Dilan Çiçek Deniz
    A Turkish actress and writer who champions self-expression and through her diverse roles, mirrors the Quatre collection's ability to be adapted to various styles.

    Mila Al Zahrani
    A Saudi Arabian actress and Boucheron brand ambassador, paving the way for a new generation of artists, similar to how Quatre continues to redefine luxury jewellery.

    "These women perfectly represent the spirit of Quatre," says Boucheron CEO Helene Poulit-Dusquene. "They are strong, creative, and diverse, just like the collection itself."

    Throughout the year, the Quatre Family will act as ambassadors, showcasing the collection's versatility and encouraging women to embrace their individuality. The mix of colours, materials, and aesthetics within Quatre allows for endless combinations, empowering women to create their unique style. 

    To further elevate the experience, Boucheron will debut new Quatre creations alongside exclusive events throughout the Middle East. Stay tuned to see how Boucheron and the Quatre Family continue to redefine luxury jewellery, proving that strength lies in embracing the power of diverse voices, much like the iconic four bands of the Quatre collection itself.

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