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    Jacquemus celebrates its 15th anniversary with a panoramic exploration of form

    Mahak Saxena

    Capturing Italian Summer: A Modernist Journey with Jacquemus' La Casa Collection

    Soaked in Capri sunshine, Jacquemus unveiled La Casa, its Fall/Winter 2024 collection, marking not just a new season but a momentous 15th anniversary. The venue itself was a homecoming – Casa Malaparte, the modernist masterpiece that ignited a young Simon Porte Jacquemus's passion as he launched his label. This collection goes beyond a mere retrospective, instead offering a "panoramic exploration of essential forms," as the brand describes it.

    La Casa embodies a minimalist aesthetic, characterised by clean lines and geometric shapes. Drawing inspiration from classical Greek draping, the silhouettes are reimagined in a radical, contemporary way. Sharp cuts, precise panelling, and flowing fabrics create a sense of movement and weightlessness. The collection utilises lightweight jersey and cotton, perfect for crafting an effortless, out-of-office wardrobe that feels both luxurious and relaxed.

    Jacquemus. Image: Supplied

    While the focus is on form, La Casa doesn't neglect drama. Through the use of contrasting volumes and subtle reveals, the collection hints at a certain allure. Bold lapels on oversized outerwear are juxtaposed with delicate, flowing dresses, creating a captivating tension, a signature Jacquemus touch.

    The colour palette reflects this playful essence of the collection. Bold colour blocks in red, yellow ochre, and sky blue add a graphic touch, while zebra graphics and classic neutrals like white and navy provide a strong foundation.

    Jacquemus. Image: Supplied

    New accessories debut, each a conversation starter. "La Spiaggia," a hand-crafted bag embodying the beach with its rond-carré design, and the architectural "Le Bombola" bucket bag in leopard or sand-toned leather, balance bold shapes with timeless silhouettes. Stacked flats and moccasins revisit classics, while Capri-branded hats complete the summery look.

    Jacquemus’ La Casa collection evokes the carefree spirit of a summer vacation in the Italian sun, a sentiment that offers a welcome escape as the colder months draw near. This collection stands as a testament to Jacquemus' enduring ability to not only design beautiful clothes but also capture a mood and translate it into a captivating runway presentation.

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