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    LYMA Laser: Defining future wellness with innovative therapies

    Sophia Dyer

    The LYMA Laser is one of the beauty industries’ most talked about products, we spoke to founder Lucy Goff to discover what all the hype is about

    It was reported that facialist Joanna Czech used it on Sabrina Carpenter and Phoebe Dynevor to prep their skin ahead of the Met Gala 2024. In fact, the celebrity-loved LYMA Laser has rarely left the headlines since its release in 2022. With bold anti-aging claims the painless at-home device uses low-level light therapy (LLLT) to reach down deep into the tissue and regenerate its cells. The light retails for Dhs9,000, but according to Lucy Goff, the founder and CEO of LYMA, it is arguably incredible value for money. “The big clunky hospital machine that we modeled it on was £18,000 (Dhs82,000) and we’ve made it into a little portable device with the same power for £2000 pounds”, she clarifies.

     Lucy Goff
    Lucy Goff. Image: Supplied

    Implementing a similar technology that has been used in hospitals since the 1960s to rebuild cartilage and heal tendons, the laser light works to modify the skin on a cellular level. “It regenerates all the way through all the layers of the skin, through the muscle and into the bone. Having an epigenetic effect, the cells that are  associated with aging are switched off, while the cells that are associated with renewal are switched on,” explains Goff, whose LYMA buyers now include Gwyneth Paltrow and Kim Kardashian.

    The original LYMA laser was released two years ago, after accumulating a waiting list of 10,000 people, and the product quickly garnered a cult following. An industry trailblazer, the LYMA Laser was named as Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year in 2023 and this year, the company has released a professional grade version, the LYMA Laser Pro. “The new device has three LYMA lasers inside one device. It’s been engineered for clinics, however, because the technology is safe, you can also use it at home,” says the mother of two.  

    LYMA Laser. Image: Supplied

    With her products soon to be available at Bloomingdales Dubai, LYMA is quickly going global, although Goff admits that this wasn’t always the plan. “I didn’t ever set out to launch a brand. I just fell into it,” she says. When LYMA was launched back in 2018, the founder had one mission, to help others feel better. 

    After being diagnosed with septicemia after the birth of her first child, Goff and her mother flew to a clinic in Geneva to help her recover. It was there that she met Professor Paul Clayton, who introduced her to medical grade supplements that had her not only restored to health, but feeling (and looking, according to Goff) healthier than ever before. 

    LYMA Laser
    LYMA Laser. Image: Supplied

    The magic pills, it turns out, were pharmco-nutrition tablets, a medical grade supplement with a potent list of ingredients. Goff teamed up with Dr Clayton to release the LYMA Supplement (a seriously beautiful tin containing a month’s supply of 30 pills – each packed with patented vitamins). With her brand premise established, to bring medical grade healthcare the consumer, Goff then created her now famous laser and now finds herself at the helm of a company valued in the eight figures.

    What’s next for LYMA? “We’re the Apple of wellness,” says Goff. “We’ll never release 50 billion products but whatever we release will always use the best medicine. But I mean, we’ve got an exciting later roadmap ahead of us,” she says with a wide smile.

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