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    Revolutionizing skincare: An exclusive review on BROWZ’s clinical treatment.

    Nicole Benhar

    BROWZ offers a new rejuvenating treatment.

    As I venture comfortably into my late 40s, I convince myself that it is time that I start taking the process of aging seriously. A couple weeks shy of my birthday I embarked on a journey with BROWZ clinic in Dubai, which offers their treatments with groundbreaking technology and high-quality ingredients. In the quest for flawless, youthful skin, innovative treatments are constantly emerging, and what better way to do it than with the latest technology in skin boosting and tightening, basically making you look a few years younger than your real celebration.

    Greeted by a warm and welcoming office team, I made my way to try their latest Sofwave Treatment, a new machine with each treatment costing AED 15,000. I started by meeting a skin consultant and therapist who thoroughly explained the procedure and examined my skin. I quickly learned that as one ages, the collagen protein depletes from the skin causing wrinkling and this technology provides the best treatment to stimulate collagen and take preventive anti-ageing procedures. Moreover, I was thrilled to find that there was no downtime and quickly began the process of my session. 

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    Sofwave’s unique technology enables the controlled delivery of energy, in terms of amount and location, while protecting the skin surface with an integrated cooling mechanism, satisfying patients with some of the best results they will receive. With its patented ultrasonic delivery method, the fractional heating impact reduces fine lines and wrinkles by encouraging the synthesis of new collagen and elastin. BROWZ ensures that patients receive high-quality results of smoother, firmer, and youthful looking skin. 

    This new treatment is perfect for women over the age of forty who seem skeptical of the procedures of a face lift , as it easily enhances and heals the skin with quick results. The Sofwave treatment handles various skin concerns from wrinkles and fine lines, to sagging skin, and provides a natural lift to the face and the eyebrow area.

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    My treatment, like all other Sofwave treatments, lasted around 30-45 minutes and although it was painful, the pain was instant and lasted three seconds with each touch. Patients are expected to observe the best results within three months of receiving just one session, however, an immediate positive shift in the skin is noticeable. The treatment also improves the skin’s elasticity, and sculpts the face providing a younger look. 

    The unique procedure for skin rejuvenation used by BROWZ marks a substantial development in non-invasive cosmetic procedures. My visit demonstrated the clinic's dedication to quality as well as the observable effects of their state-of-the-art technology. The kind and extremely qualified employees made sure I had a comfortable and educational experience by carefully and precisely walking me through each step. As a regular client, I highly recommend any women looking to embark on a preventative skincare journey to pay a visit to BROWZ clinic.

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